The Newest Leveling Guide For Alliance 1-60

Published: 18th February 2011
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Alliance 1-60 Leveling Guide

The Deathwing has risen and spread destruction throughout the Azeroth, the face of the World will never be the same again. So once you starting leveling from 1-60 in Cataclysm you will notice a massive amount of changes. Normally player would except, the more normal new arena made, talents, skilss, raids & dungeons but blizzard had gone back and totally changed the whole of Azeroth, including the 1-60. The old areas and zones are completely changed and some are even destroyed by the Cataclysm brought on by the Deathwing.

How to level up in this new world? Allot of players including myself knew the old zones and arenas of by heart, but now there are all new quest that you have to complete and the leveling zones have changed and I have decided to put this guide togeather for you.

When you first start a new class it is easy pick up the quests from a quest giver that is usually right next to you and the quests will lead you on, one after another until you have done all (or most) of the quests in your current zone. Where to go next?

So wouldn't it be great to have a guide that showed you how to quest and which zones are for each level? well this is what this guide does.

I have decided to lay this guide out so you can look up what level you and and then come back and pick up the guide and continue to where you leave off.

1-10 Starting zones Elwynn forest - once you have completed all the quests move on to Westfall or possibly Redridge mountains if you happen to be lvl 15.

Dun Morogh - once you have reached level 10 or completed all quests move on to Loch Modan.

Are you a worgen? Well my furry friend you will start of at level 1 and continue to level until 12 or you have complete the area then you will move to darkshore in Kalimdor, which is the other island (theleft one)

Teldrassil - finish your starting quests and go to the shores and take a boat to Darkshore.

Leveling up a Dranei? Well you will get to level 10 in the Bloodmyst Island.

Leveling 10-20 Westfall - is a 10-15 zone - once you've completed all quests here travel to the Redrige Mountains.

Redridge Mountains - a side stop between leveling in Westfall and Duskwood (next is Duskwood) Darkshore - here is where the Worgen, Dranei and Night Elves level after completing their starting zones. From here on go to Ashenvale Bloodmyst island - not recommended place for leveling but if you do you will have to go all the way back to Darkshore and then to Ashenvale.

For the Mighty Dwarfs you will want to finish up in Loch Modan and then more on toward the Wetlands

20-30 Duskwood - is a 20-25 zone - your next stop from here is Northern Stranglethorn Vale.

Northen Stranglethorn Vale - represents a part of Stranglethorn Vale where you can level up to 30 once you complete your quests here go south to the Cape of Stranglethorn Vale.

The Mighty Dwarfs will move from the Wetland a 20-25 zone to the North of the Arathi Highlans. You will want to level from 25-30 in the Arathi Highlands and then more to the Hinterlands after that.

For the Elves, Dranei and Worgens you will want to level from 20-25 in Ashenvale then move on south to the Stonetalon Mountains which is you are a seasoned player would seem strange (backwards).

Stonetalon Mountains - level up to 30 here and move south to Desolace.

Leveling from 30- 40 So you have finished the Cape of Stanglethorn and you have leveled your character from 30 to 35, from this point forward you will want to take the boat from booty bay, to the southen barrens, then travel to Dustwallow Marsh.

Okay I admit that Dustwallow is not the best place to level but it does do the job and will allow you to level to 40 and move on (quickly) towards Thousand Needles.

So you have finished up in Desolace hitting 35 and now you will want to move to feralas in the south.

Feralas - level 35 - 40 zone - once you reach 40 you should move east to Thousand Needles.

Dwarfs you will be in the Hinterlands you will want to move once you hit 35 to the northwest to Western Plaguelands. Western Plaguelands will get you to level 40, and from there you will move to Eastern Plaguelands.

Leveling From 40-50 So you should hit 45 i the eastern plaguelands and once you do make sure you move to the badlands. Badlands - You can get a few levels here once you're 44 or 45. Once you are level 47 or 48 it's time to go to the Searing Gorge.

With the Searing Gorge you will be able to hit 50 maybe even 52 depending on your leveling style.

So for you Dranie, Worgens and Night Elves, you are in Thousand Needles, once you hit 45 move south to Tanaris or travel north to Felwood.

Tanaris - Tanaris offers easy leveling starting from level 42-45 - you can easily get to level 50 here and then move northwest to the Un'Goro Crater.

If your choose to level in Felwood it will take you from 45 to 50, then after that is it easy to head over to winterspring and reach 50.

Leveling 50 to 60. Winterspring - level 50 - 55 nice zone for leveling, once you are level 55 you should move to Silithus or the Blasted Lands.

Un'Goro will get you to 55 and from Un'Goro you will travel left to Silithus to hit 60.

Burning Steppes - You can level up to level 55 here and then move south to the Blasted Lands.

The Portal to the Outlands, is located in the Blastedlands you will use this area to hit 58 then once you hit 58 you will be able to travel to the new zone with the expansion burning crusade.

After you hit 60 in Silithus you will want to head to the blasted lands also and take the portal.

If you find that you didn't get the level that this guide required you to be you can also travel back to your local major city and pick up the quest call "A Heroes Call" which i will show you an area for your level.

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